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Marcia Stuermer - Wall Hangings and Art
Marcia Stuermer
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Marcia Stuermer

San Francisco, CA

“Stuermer’s unique artwork transforms her primary medium of translucent resin into evocative investigations of emotion, thought and memory in a type of conceptual freeze-framing. Whether connected aesthetically and/or conceptually, she is driven by her fascination with scientific inquiry related to the natural, chemical and biological worlds, the underpinnings of which she feels have a certain relevance to our contemporary milieu. The elements of surprise, wonder and unforeseen beauty are central to Stuermer’s artwork in combination with her desire to convert the commonplace to the sublime. She often exposes microscopic, unnoticed and/or overlooked elements via intricate ink drawings to unveil unimagined beauty and meanings using the duality of nature + technology to pique the viewers’ discovery of new realities.
San Francisco artist, Marcia Stuermer is the principal of and creative force behind her company Fossil Faux Studios, an innovative San Francisco art studio and production company that uses resin and unexpected materials to create powerful visual and conceptual statements for a wide variety of public art and architectural installations. Her work has been commissioned world-wide for public and private venues—including Yankee Stadium, The Cleveland Food Bank, and The King County Library System in Seattle. Her work has been featured in Wired Magazine, Architectural Record, and SF Chronicle Magazine. She holds a BFA in Sculpture from The Kansas City Art Institute.”