Marc Wood Studio

London, United Kingdom

"Luxury lighting handmade in London"
Marc Wood creates hand crafted lighting collections and bespoke installations for spectacular interiors.

Our Approach
Our creative approach is underpinned by the dialogue and communication between us and our clients. We seek to generate emotion and tell stories using the theatrics of light and thoughtfully sculpted materials.

We create everything in our north London workshop and are always driven by our core values of craftsmanship, honest materials and timeless aesthetics.

About Marc Wood
Born in Germany to an English mother and a Czech father, Marc draws inspiration from a rich and diverse cultural background steeped in the tradition of technology and making. His father’s family, who come from Bohemia in the Czech Republic, are deeply entwined in the history of world renowned Bohemian crystal glassware and fine glass jewellery. Marc's ancestors developed glass crystal forming techniques still used by the industry today.

Influenced by his heritage, Marc often combines Bohemian crystal glassware with British engineered details. His love for traditional craftsmanship and knowledge of cutting edge technology influences him to create beautiful objects that look to the future without forgetting the past.
Wescover creator since 2019

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