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Maple Jude & Co.

Santa Monica, CA

"We are LA-based interior designers who personally hand-draw all our textile & ceramic tile designs. We create ceramic tiles that match our textiles. Our products are all hand-designed and hand-made."
Originating as a muse for our artistry, Maple Jude is a place where thoughts and ideas gather and inspirations are born. This inspiration takes shape in our custom fabrics, modern ceramic tiles, vintage pieces we hadn't select and objects we showcase, all encompassing the essence of Maple Jude. Officially founded in 2018, Maple Jude & Co. has been in the making since 2012 when founders, Jen Dallas & Perry Helderman began to develop their textile collection. As Interior Designers at Jen Dallas Studio, they have experience in every last detail of what goes into making a space beautiful; a home and lifestyle brand was a natural next step. Their unique eye on the look and feel of products functions as a sense of inspiration for the lifestyle of their clients.
Wescover creator since 2018

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