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MAN+US - Pendants and Furniture
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Atlanta, GA

MAN+US has dedicated the last two decades to creating fun, lasting beauty for our clients. Over this span, we have purveyed innovative, rambunctious interior elements and furniture to 5 continents and thousands of blushing customers.

Joe Manus is the founder and namesake for the company. Joe is a lifetime resident of Georgia, USA. Joe grew up in rural Georgia and got his first lessons in business and craftsmanship from his beloved stepfather, Hal. Hal was a WW2 paratrooper that dropped to the beaches of Normandy during the opening hours of D-Day. He went on to start the first Cab company in Atlanta and also was a fine jeweler. He died when Joe was 15 but, he embedded in Joe a strong sense of appreciation for the pride and aesthetics found in things manmade. Joe has grown from building a humble set of shelves for a friend in his youth, to becoming an Internationally known designer and innovator. Joe has previously developed a commercial design/ build contracting company (Art Through Labor Inc.) and also an award-winning furniture and lighting company (Shiner International). He is now welding the two skillsets together to form MAN+US. He believes he is a better man because he is surrounded by better people. He also believes design is made better when it is cultivated and nurtured through his efforts and those of his clients.