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Mandy Lake

Cape Town, South Africa

"Mandy’s relationship with the sea feels timeless…as though it always was and ever will be. This is no fleeting infatuation but rather a long, deep and meaningful love affair. The sea is her muse." Tracy Payne"
What asks to be painted is a question that concerns all artists. After experimenting with a number of subjects, I found that it is the vast and moody oceans that have captured and sustain my imagination. This complex body of water, that is both fragile and all-powerful, that feeds us and transports us, can also so easily destroy us and sweep our land away before it. Here, on the southern African coast, we are intimately connected to the seas that jostle each other at our southernmost tip and it is this intense relationship that I seek to capture in my paintings. My views of the ocean are not distant seascapes, but rather close up encounters that try to convey some of the sheer splendor of these experiences that are never the same.

If those who see my paintings feel, even briefly, a thrill, a resonance, a primeval pull toward the sea, then I will be contented that somehow I have communicated that deep affinity and longing for the primal waters that I believe we all share.'

Mandy studied art and design and has a professional career in design, illustration, and publishing. Since joining Spencer Street Studios in 2009 Mandy has dedicated her time to painting. She continues to hone her artistic skills and explore her artistic expression to produce artworks of atmosphere and beauty which capture the soul of the sea.
Wescover creator since 2019

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