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Manda Hard Penny Prints

Augusta, ME

"Empowering Art inspired by women"
Growing up as a female in this world has its share of challenges. We go through many stages of life questioning who we should be. In many cases we are told who we are, and what we should become. Everyone of us shines differently. Beautiful, independent, and articulate inside and out.
Ever day all over the world, we are shattering glass ceilings. We run companies, perform life saving surgeries, and even lead countries. We dedicate ourselves to others in so many ways, pouring every bit of ourselves into things that matter the most. We create loving families, loving homes, and positive futures.
“Life isn’t about painting in one color, it ‘s about embracing all colors”
I began to paint to show the world what I saw in women. Coming in all shapes and sizes, all walks of life; I saw women expressing themselves beautifully. I wanted to bring that to light through my own journey and through my art. The first girl I painted was Toxic Girl. This was during my transition from High School to College. She represents strength and courage. Never afraid of difficult situations, but always protecting the girl inside. She became a piece of many in my path of life.
Over the years, I painted one girl after another. Each one representing something special in someone. I brought forth new girls through color, and canvas, one after another. Personalities, and passions came to life through the paint brush. I felt this was something the world needed to see. I want to share my art with as many people and spaces as I can, to uplift and bring self empowerment. I want others to see the beauty I saw within themselves.
Wescover creator since 2021

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