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Mali Lisha Edri designer - Interior Design and Renovation
Mali Lisha Edri designer
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Mali Lisha Edri designer

Rehovot, Israel

My name is Mali Lisha Edri. From childhood, the fire has burned in me to make people happier. This place of being a happy and good person - it has an inseparable connection between our interior - our feelings, thoughts, feelings, and the outside - the home we live in, the office we work in and the feelings that arise in us while staying in these spaces.
Our soul is at home. This is where we take off the masks, strip off the omnipotent robe and just become us. This is where we love, love, connect and be exposed.
It is the natural and logical place to provide us with peace, authenticity and truly reflect us.
I reach my clients with a sense of mission. I was privileged to be connected, accurate and combine my ability to design a perfect match with the person in front of me. Brings softness and love with me, paints the walls of the house, cleverly divides the spaces, knocks nails of faith, connects old and new connections, Of a life that weaves together and creates a new world.
I am Mali-an interior designer and a send of love.