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MALGA Ceramic Design by Mariana Filipe

Lisbon, Portugal

"My favorite pieces are the traditional ones, created for everyday use and beautifully imperfect."
In a small studio in Lisbon, I make ceramics every day. But I’m not a city person.
My inspiration comes from my origins in the Alentejo countryside and from family. I’m also interested in time-honoured techniques from elsewhere in the world.
MALGA was born in 2015, when I decided to rent a studio and start exploring the ideas I had during my master degree in industrial and product design. A mainly self-taught ceramicist, all I know about pottery I owe to the people I met on the way, and to many hours of research and work.
All of MALGA's pieces are handmade, crafted using different production techniques, including my favorite, the potter’s wheel.
Wescover creator since 2021

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