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Mako Woods

Point Pleasant, NJ

"Handmade furniture. Real wood. Built by me."
I am not a large company, I am a one man design-build shop. My name is Jon and I build furniture. I work with locally sourced hardwoods and steel, out of the small shop behind my home in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. My passion for making began with my first shop class in 2000, as a high school freshman. In 2008 I graduated from Harvard University with a degree in economics and went to work as a derivatives trader on Wall Street. From there I bounced from one meaningless job to another for several years, unable to find any sort of satisfaction in my work. In 2015 I bought my first table saw because I was sick of paying for poorly made factory furniture with cheap materials. I knew right away I would be building furniture the rest of my life. Less than a year later I turned my focus to designing and building high-quality furniture for clients sick of throwaway factory furniture.

I strive to build quality furniture with real materials, sourced locally. I build for my wife and daughter, my family and friends, and discerning clients looking for something that is unfortunately rare these days, real furniture, built carefully by hand to last a lifetime.

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