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Majo Rodríguez - Murals and Art
Majo Rodríguez
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Majo Rodríguez

Costa Rica

I’m an advertising designer and botanical illustrator who’s always creating, evolving, learning and honoring nature through every single project. They’re worked digitally and by hand, and are always characterized by intricate details that show off the beauty of our planet.

I’m actually ambassador of Staedtler and Canson, and founder of Entropía, my utility illustration project.
Born in a natural paradise in 1990. Since always curious and dedicated to observe the “smallest” details of life. A explorer, lover of the mountain, the sea and all the biodiversity that is revealed in every corner of my beautiful Costa Rica and the world itself.

Each illustration I create is made in honor of nature and its magic, through sharp, delicate and confident lines, with a lot of details that visually and aesthetically enhances the designs.
My projects, of a very contemporary style, are an ode to ecology suitable for branding, packaging, textiles, muralism, among other areas of design. So if you have a project in mind, don’t hesitate to contact me.