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Dunedin, New Zealand

Since the mid-eighties Bruce has provided commercial artwork, illustrations and cartoons for a wide range of applications including magazines, books, posters, stationery products, clothing and websites. Some of groups and organizations he has supplied work to include Learning Media, Gilt Edge Publishing, the Department of Conservation, the Ministry for the Environment, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, Forest and Bird, Greenpeace and the World Wide Fund for Nature. His drawings and paintings of plants and animals have been reproduced in publications and websites all over the world. (See the Gallery Pages for Examples of his work).
Bruce taught art at Williams School of Art ('Inverlochy Art School') in Wellington between 2004 and 2017. As well as teaching screen-printing(on both paper and fabric), illustration and cartooning to adults he also taught a wide range of general art skills to children and teenager students. He also had stints teaching screen-printing at both Masterton and Wellington Technical Colleges.(Weltech) and teaching general art classes to clients at both Independent Living (a group for people with disabilities) and Pablo's Art Workshop in Wellington.

Since 2005 Bruce has produced murals /street art in New Zealand and Great Britain for private organizations, property companies and City Councils. He tries to make sure that where possible the mural reflects the local history of the area and compliments the building on which it is placed. You can see more of his mural art in the GALLERY under SIGNS AND MURALS. Bruce's murals appear in two books about world street art, 'Street Art of the World' (2012) and 'Urban Art - the World as a Canvas' (2014), both books written by Garry Hunter (Arcturus Publishing).
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