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Magda Ćwik

Barcelona, Spain

My name is Magda Ćwik and I am a multidisciplinary artist from Rzeszów (Poland). My passion to use other mediums has lead me to engage myself in many projects in other disciplines including street art, painting, installation and digital art. In my latest works, I focused on topics such as Inner Transformation, Gender Equality, Plastic Pollution and Recycling. I’m also interested in finding connection with a place and people where I’m painting. I’m still exploring new mediums, materials and techniques to create installations and sculptures. I use defragmentation, split faces and vagueness of shapes to maintain an open interpretation of various poses, moods, feelings or desires. I get immense gratification of being able to communicate my thoughts and inspirations through my work as I am always trying to find ways to push creative boundaries. I am Co-Founder of After Hours Project brand. We are looking after designs, street art and videos. I am an art director and the head of design at the Pygmalion Club located in Powerscourt Townhouse in the heart of Dublin.
Wescover creator since 2019

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