MAG MAGRELA - Street Murals and Public Art
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SP, Brazil

"Turns Walls into Poetry"
Mag self-taught in the arts. From 2007 she began painting in the streets of São Paulo, expanding to other cities in Brazil and the world: Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Natal, Fortaleza, Lisbon, London and New York.

She work is marked by the use of intuition and spontaneity. Mag is inspired by the urban euphoria of São Paulo to go through themes that talk about Brazilian cultures - her characters invite everyone to contemplate issues that surround us: faith, the profane, the ancestral, the day-to-day battle, resistance, the search for the breadwinner, the feminine. Mag is also found in canvases, clay sculpture, assemblage, embroidery, tiles, performance, poetry and music - extending the spaces for artistic and research experiments. The artist transits between languages, known mainly for her urban murals (grafitti).

The year 2016 was special for the artist, who produced three solo exhibitions. The exhibition "Queimadas", held at the Instituto dos Pretos Novos (RJ), curated by Marco Antonio Teobaldo; "Eu não trago seu amor de volta”" at the KingCap Gallery (São Paulo) and "Pindorama in Flames" at the NYC Gallery (New York). And she was invited by Annexb to an art residence in NYC.
in 2017 Mag was invited by the UN to participate in the art week "He for She". A panel was held at the contemporary art museum (MAC) in São Paulo, Brazil.
In 2018 she was invited to participate in the Festival Concreto (Fortaleza, Brazil), and painted a building in the dimensions of 36 meters in height.

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