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Madacsi Studios - Sculptures and Art
Madacsi Studios
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Madacsi Studios

Garden City, ID

"“Susan Madacsi works with steel to design sculptural objects. The artist starts by taking bars of steel, heating them to 2200 degrees, cutting the bars into small pieces and molding the steel, like clay, into various shapes. Those pieces she then joins and forms into bowls or wall sculpture. Lastly, texture and a patina are added to give the work depth and individual style.

Owner and operator Susan Madacsi, a career artist/blacksmith, founded Madacsi Metalwork, LLC in 1998. Madacsi Studios, LLC was founded in 2014 in Garden City, Idaho and is a part of a rising community of independent artists and fabricators, studios, urban wineries, brewing companies, venues and galleries.
Madacsi Studios was developed to offer homeowners, business owners, architects, designers, collectors and gallery owners an opportunity to acquire and add heirloom quality pieces with custom design to their collections.

Our work is steeped in American tradition and we relish in the opportunity to share the timeless techniques, to inspire younger generations to maintain perpetual respect and desire for handcrafted and old world arts.”"