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Mac Whitney - Sculptures and Art
Mac Whitney
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Mac Whitney

Ovilla, TX

"Mac Whitney was born in Manhattan, Kansas on August 3.1936. He attended the College of Emporia in his native state for one year. He completed his undergraduate studies at Kansas State Teachers College in Emporia, earning the BA Degree in 1958. Over the next several years, Mac Whitney invented and built various equipment and machinery items, farmed, worked in a boiler factory, and did graduate work at Kansas University (1961) and at Kansas State Teachers College (1966). In 1967-1968, he earned his Master of Fine Arts Degree at the Kansas University.

During the 1968-1969 academic year, Whitney was an art instructor at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, He moved to Texas in 1969 and now maintains a studio near Ovilla, Texas. In 1979, Mac Whitney was awarded a commission by the City of Houston to build a large-scale sculpture funded by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Whitney was awarded an individual artist grant by the NEA in 1979.

Whitney’s abstract sculptures, constructed out of raw steel, are a metaphysical expression of the fundamental forces of tension and resolution evident in the built environment: the thrust of a tall vertical; the repose of an outstretched horizontal; the dynamism of a forceful diagonal; the lyricism of a slowly unfolding curve – all subtly knit into the fabric of a freestanding form that is both open and closed. His most recent works are part of the Linked Sculpture Series. These sculptures are composed of an interlocking chain of various shapes before welded upright into a vertical sculpture. The end result reminds on an internal structure of interlocking and interweaving DNA or molecules."

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