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M. Louise Stanley - Public Sculptures and Public Art
M. Louise Stanley
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M. Louise Stanley

Emeryville, CA

"My work follows in the tradition of history and narrative painting documenting current and fictitious events using myth and allegory. The human condition, modern-day romance and political issues are often explored. Voyeurism, a longing to 'be someplace else' and a sense of places and events remembered are recurring themes. Humor is the catalyst and a bridge to darker, more troubling issues. In my youth I wanted to make paintings people would gag and cry in front of until I saw two women doubled-up laughing in front of my painting. At an opening year ago a woman came up to me, drink in hand, and said, "these are not funny paintings, they remind me of junior high when I was miserable." She then dropped her glass at my feet and ran out of the gallery. I must have been doing something right! At an opening at PS1 in New York, years ago, Joyce Kosloff commented, "God, lulu, your work is so American!" I strive for that precarious line between the colloquial and the sublime, perhaps in order to sabotage both extremes, but more often just to see if I can pull it off. "