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Lynn Goldstein

Washington, DC

"Vivid & Alive — Modern artwork inspired by nature"
For five years, I hid my art. Berated by college art teachers who told me I couldn’t draw, I kept my perceived failures buried under a stack of papers so no one would see. But a childhood illness and the death of my father when I was 25 had taught me not to take life for granted. I realized that I would likely regret it if I didn’t follow my passion, and the encouragement of a friend was the boost I needed to finally bring my art out into the world.

Years later, I’m thrilled to say that art is no longer my private contraband. To the contrary, my work is an inspiration for many happy collectors in the U.S. and in Europe; I’ve exhibited widely, won awards, been profiled in Pastel Journal, and have a painting in permanent collection in the Jean-Haffen Museum in Dinan, France, to name a few select accomplishments
Wescover creator since 2020

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