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Lynn Criswell - Art
Lynn Criswell
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Lynn Criswell

Sacramento, CA

“Lynn Criswell’s two- and three-dimensional work offers a visual language that gives form to memory. It evokes both the isolated definition of individual memories and what the undirected, uncertain event of remembering is like. Unlikely dualities contribute to the work's complexity. Criswell places recognizable figures in ambiguous relations. She combines the flat virtuality of photography with insistently physical materials. She deploys clear, carefully balanced compositions to organize and contain prickly or difficult subject matter.

Criswell’s work is figurative, placing her within a long tradition of California painters and sculptors. And yet her figures are several steps removed. They come to us via photographs, old photographs from the 1950s and 60s or outdated toys from the same era— thus from across a great distance in time. The people and objects in Criswell’s work, though specific and precisely juxtaposed, are isolated from one another, floating or perched in a space that is not quite part of the three-dimensional world we know. If they communicate with one another, they do so mutely. It is up to the viewer to make the connections between the various elements. Or perhaps it is not that we ever definitively resolve the uncertain connections—Criswell’s work remains inscrutable—we simply register them, with her.

Her work has been incorporated into many private and public collections. Criswell’s public work is featured in Tamara Thomas Fine Arts Services Inc., Los Angeles; Downtown Municipal Building, Chico; and The Capitol East End Project, Sacramento. In 2005, Criswell was Artist-in-Residence in Weibelback, Germany.”