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Luminesce Design - Lighting
Luminesce Design
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Luminesce Design

Marina del Rey, CA

Luminesce Design was founded in 2006 by Heather Libonati. After receiving her MFA in lighting design from California Institute of the Arts, Heather became intrigued by how lighting could affect the permanence and scale of architectural work.

An award winning designer with almost 20 years of architectural lighting design experience, Heather established Marina del Rey-based operation with the goal of working with equally passionate clients and architects.

Determined to never specialize in one lighting application or project type, she have found that each past project informs the next. giving her company the ability to solve any lighting design challenge with a fresh solution rooted in practical experience.

Whether it's a temporary art piece, permanent interior or exterior commercial project, or your home, Luminesce Design provides every project with principal involvement through the entire design process, and individualized lighting solutions specific to each project and design team. Luminesce Design is passionate about lighting and sustainability. They understand that successful lighting design can create an atmosphere, an identity, an impression, and an experience that should last well beyond the initial occupancy.