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Luke Embden

London, United Kingdom

London based graphic artist Luke Embden a self-professed doodler, illustrator, mural artist and keen Screen-printer.
Since graduating from LCC Embden has been working across many disciplines within the contemporary art and design industry. Drawing from his country beginnings Embden combines his passion of street art with freeform typography and bold graphic lines, each work with an intricate expression of multiple lines and layers, where cryptic words, iconic imagery, sentences and phrases are subtly interwoven.
Forever pushing his craft and ever growing client-based collaborations enabling Embden to work across a variety of mediums from limited edition screen-prints, large-scale murals, fashion print and bespoke artwork.

Embden’s pop sensibility sees a diverse array of his vibrant bold freeform type and animal print pattern take on a viral-like quality, under his seemingly all-embracing consumerist semblance, concealing his cryptic messages and thoughts. Devouring desirable consumer objects, from building facades, interiors, apparel, furniture and found objects to name a few.

Embdens drawing style and love of painting and printing in his signature bold colour palette and infectious graphic style has enabled him to travel internationally and enabled him to work with a forever growing list of high profile global clients.
In addition to his commercial work Embden carries out community led workshops working with all age groups and abilities, past workshops include Parklives and Streetgames carried out throughout the UK in selected major cities.
A love of Embden is interacting and engaging with the public, Embden looks upon this as performance art, feeding of the surrounding environment and energy of people that he meets. This leading Luke to carry out numerous live painting art performances including Clerkenwell Design Week, SIBOS Singapore and most recently partaking at Színes Város Street Art Festival in Budapest.
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