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Luckey Remington

Los Angeles, CA

Luckey Remington is a Los Angeles based artist and musician from Springfield, Oregon. His artwork has been displayed at the Eleanor Harwood Gallery in San Francisco and Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles. Luckey had his first solo exhibition of work, Cause of Itself at Dilettante Gallery in Los Angeles in 2014.

As an artist his work focuses on a visual and physical effort to address clarity and order through a rigid, repetitious exploration of color, form and structure. His methodology is rooted in a systemic, series-driven process that enables him to reduce a visual statement to its most essential form through means of repetition. The compositions fluctuate between organic rounded shapes, and straight-edged angles. Negative space is equally, if not more important than the anchor form itself. Luckey is heavily drawn to the allure of color and the diverse chromatic harmonies that are created when assembling these compositions.

As a musician he has collaborated, recorded and performed with Devendra Banhart, The Pleased, Rodrigo Amarante, Greg Rogove and Noah Georgeson. In 2010 Luckey recorded an album of his own work entitled Oo.
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