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Lucie Sheridan

Bristol, United Kingdom

"Mural painting"
Lucie Sheridan is an illustrator and print maker. She creates her work within her studio at Centrespace located in central Bristol, England, which is a long standing co-operative studio and gallery space of which she is a full-time member. Lucie has over 18 years experience and specialises in silk screen printing.

She is represented by many galleries and shops both on the high street and online and has been commissioned by such clients as Conran, Heals and Ohh Deer. She is constantly creating new work using her trademark freehand style with characteristic whit and charm.

As enterprising as ever, Lucie has channeled her creative and social skills into her latest concept Rubbish Portraits. As a live art experience she can transport her
‘Rubbish Portrait Booth’ and herself to almost anywhere and offer quick, while-you-sit, brilliant brush and ink portraits - they’re not rubbish but actually very good! It’s her version of the familiar photo booth, but far more exciting and unique…just remember…no smiling please.
Wescover creator since 2019

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