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Lucie Ollivier

Paris, France

Young ceramicist living in Paris, I work with porcelain to create unique pieces that convey my sensitivity.

I like the meticulous work of the earth, I also started by creating a collection of porcelain jewelry marked by the patterns of ornaments present throughout the history of art and most often representing nature. The search for original shapes for this collection pushed me to master a technique that aims to delicately handle small coils (long rolls of soft dough).

I am now opening up to other fields, especially decorative objects. I have indeed declined the columbine technique to make the collection of “Distortion” vases and pots entirely made of these porcelain threads!

My approach is constantly guided by the search for new forms. I will draw my inspiration from books on the history of art and ornamentation. But also in the museum, in the street (in Paris everything can be astonished), in the library as well as in all the iconographic resources that the internet offers us. I can also spend hours there, collecting images that will feed my image library which will be the basis of my work.

I constantly have new ideas that stir in me and that only asks for one thing: to be realized! Moreover, recently I have been fashioning small fetish sculptures borrowed from the ornaments of the past. To see where it will lead me in my next creations…!
Wescover creator since 2020

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