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Lucia Hye Yoon Joo - Paintings and Art
Lucia Hye Yoon Joo
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Lucia Hye Yoon Joo

Los Angeles, CA

“My work employs a mixture of emotions brought out by my relationship with my mother; how I felt, learned, grew, matured, feared, loved, and was burdened. At the same time, the work is a manifestation of my own voice of who I was, who I am, and who I am aiming to become by separating emotionally from my mother.

Though the specific concept that drives my work is the mother and daughter relationship, my work addresses many aspects of relationships. I believe all relationships begin at the time we are conceived inside our mother’s womb.
My art brings the intimacy and the interiority of the mother’s womb out into the physical world. I make my own interpretations of it by combining it with sculptural forms and materials from nature.

Through experiencing my work, my hope is that the viewer will not only experience my relationships, but gain insight into their own lives. I believe happiness comes from finding your voice and the inner strength to discover yourself. In sharing my journey through my artistic expression, I hope to encourage the viewers to be courageous in discovering their true voice and their meaning of life.” - Lucia Hye Yoon Joo"