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Lucas Beaufort

Cannes, France

I am virgin ascendant geminals, native of Cannes, Broussailles hospital.
I have a mother, a father, a brother and two sisters.
I love life, good food, night and fables since my first day on earth. That was in 1981.
My first house was on James Grant Milne Street, a good place to hit skateboard slopes. I immediately hung, my mother less, when I returned the broken ankles.
I like all kinds of pasta: shells, striped elbows, tagliatelle, penne rigate, farfalle and pasta in the "Neuneuf" of my brother. I love horror movies, Sam Raimi's, and Wes Craven's "claws of the night." I love Wednesday because it's the day I get my lunch box at my mother's house.
I like blue, green, yellow, red, white and purple. I love falling asleep on my cat while listening to Bowerbirds ' Hooves. I like running and sweating, I like to read and sweat, I like to stand in front of my wall and imagine what it could become if my wife let me do it. I like happy and sad people, broken mouths and virgin beauties, those who have a story to tell.
I love the melancholy, the strident notes and the feel of Faber Castell on my sheet of fresh paint. I like to come back from the office and make a detour through the concrete curves of Mandelieu. I like to lean forward and dream the next day. I like to sleep on my stomach and feel my feet out of bed. I like to go to bed late and get up late. I like lively discussions, slaps in the mouth, smiles that say a lot. I like bulldogs and beagles who snore. I like it all the more if they drool and make noises of washing machine.
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