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Lubov Ovtchinikov - Paintings and Art
Lubov Ovtchinikov
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Lubov Ovtchinikov

San Francisco, CA

"Lubov Ovtchinikova was born and raised in Siberia and began her art training at a young age. Lubov’s artworks have found homes around the world, including Russia, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, U.K., Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S.

Lubov is an extremely versatile artist and enjoys working in a variety of mediums, including acrylics, oil, gouache, pastel, pencil, and printmaking, where she has produced etching, linocut, and monotype artworks.

Lubov’s Digital Art includes Short Animations, Instructional Videos, Graphic Design and Motion Graphics. She loves experimenting and bringing her ideas to life. Lubov draws her inspirations from the fabric of life itself - colorful personalities, disappointments, triumphs, and adventures. She says that, “Life is too short to stick with one pattern or style.” Living in California, Lubov is inspired by the diversity of our landscapes, architecture, and cultures. She currently resides in Pacifica and draws on the influence of the luminous coastal light as it varies from sparkling sun to somber veils of fog wafting inland from the sea."