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Britt-Marie Alm Designs

San Francisco, CA

I'm a San Francisco-based fiber artist and owner of Love Fest Fibers, a yarn and fiber goods company. I've spent much of the past two decades living and working on the Tibetan Plateau. My signature work centers on the “slingshot weaving technique”, a practice I learned from Tibetan nomads. Tibetans weave small slingshots to protect and herd their animals using small sticks as a loom and hand-spun yak fiber. I've adapted this weaving tradition, enlarging it to huge proportion and incorporating the wooden weaving structure (the set of small sticks that are normally removed after weaving) as part of the final art piece.

My weaving practice creates highly intricate, clean-lined designs. Weavings can be installed as stand-alone vertical pieces as wall tapestries and room dividers or incorporated into furniture such as headboards. My installation work also includes an array of other fiber art styles using knit, crochet and suspension techniques. I'm fascinated by the play of texture and scale—from the design of giant pom poms and oversized stitch blankets to the upscaling of traditionally minute weaving techniques. 

I'm guided by my fascination for the process and stories behind my materials. I design and source all of my yarn directly from fiber-producing communities in Tibet, Nepal and at home on the West Coast. I founded Love Fest Fibers, my yarn and fiber goods company, out of my dedication to supporting these communities of pastoralists and fibercraft artisans. I received a BA in Anthropology and Environmental Studies from Pitzer College, an MA in Environment & Development from King's College London and completed Tibet University's two-year Tibetan Language Program in Lhasa.
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How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"I definitely call upon my Tibetan mentors in my mind before I create each weaving. Even though I now live far from where my design inspiration comes from I try to keep that source at the heart of those long hours working on a piece."
Britt-Marie Alm DesignsBritt-Marie Alm Designs

What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

"Delight in seeing wool used in unexpected places"
Britt-Marie Alm DesignsBritt-Marie Alm Designs

What is your favorite material to work with?

"I love working with pure, unblended plant and animal fibers. Seeing what a single material can do, how it feels and how it behaves fascinates me."
Britt-Marie Alm DesignsBritt-Marie Alm Designs

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