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Louise Parsons Art

Miami Beach, FL

"Contemporary Mixed Media Artist"
'What Makes Me Tick' - I wake up every day looking forward to grabbing a paintbrush and getting some paint under my fingernails! I become an explorer, a traveller, a learner and a painter who is determined to enjoy every challenge, and investigate every spark of inspiration I am lucky to have come my way. My inspiration materializes in some of the most mundane and also extraordinary ways; the noise of the city, the sun shimmering on the ocean, a gripping story on the radio, a breathtaking museum visit, the gritty, graphic shadows on the urban streets . All these things find a way into the marks and colors of my painting, reflecting the intriguing, exciting world we live in today. I use an ever expanding range of mediums including oil, acrylic and watercolor and my love of textures includes the application of many different plasters and natural stone materials. In summary, I paint because I am curious about what might happen when I do. Painting gives me freedom to think, to write, to play and to challenge myself. Painting makes me happy. I hope you enjoy my work and that it makes you happy too!!!!!
Wescover creator since 2020

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