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Louis Jobst

London, United Kingdom

"Craftsmanship is integral to the core of my work, the physicality and composition of materials underpin my creative practice. My aim is to achieve a balance between form and function"
Louis Jobst is a decorative lighting designer and architect establishing his studio in 2017 in
Hackney, London. Jobst designs and manufactures bespoke and batch produced lighting and
furniture exploring relationships between sculpture, product design and architecture. His work
utilises the inherent qualities of materials expressing the process in which they are made. Jobst’s
growing collection of lighting focuses on the dialogue between mass, geometry and proportion.
Inspiration comes from architectural components such as arches, columns and monoliths,
with reference drawn from early 20th century design and sculpture. Each light has a stacked
formation with harmonised proportions and contrasted material qualities. Solid steel and glass
mixed with ebonised oak and brass are amongst some of the materials used. The architectural
influence is clear with striking geometric silhouettes and heavy robust materials. Jobst describes
his works as “Monuments for the home”.
Wescover creator since 2019

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