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Lori Erenberg

Los Angeles, CA

"“Let’s spend time in spaces that are dynamic, lively, and wonderfully livable.”"
For Erenberg, interior design is an authentically collaborative art form: a full spectrum experience, an intricate and dazzling symphony of color, light, architectural history, 21st-century innovations, pure sculptural forms, and truly functional solutions. “My idea of design is inspired by painting,” she explains. “you compose with color, pattern, and texture to develop a space that comes alive.”

A native californian, Lori Erenberg was raised in a cosmopolitan bohemia flourishing in the southland by her artist mother and musician father, the “accordion king,” who produced musical extravaganzas at the shrine auditorium. Since early childhood, erenberg was obsessed with decoration and design, studying vintage films and redecorating everything her parents would allow. Encouraged by her mother to find treasures and objects of beauty and design she combed local thrift shops and antique stores. These passions eventually lead her to usc where she earned a degree in art and architectural history while working as an assistant librarian for the architecture and fine arts library.

After university a serendipitous opportunity presented itself and erenberg was asked to join oingo boingo, the surrealist punk cabaret founded by danny elfman, the now-respected film composer. When Erenberg flawlessly refurbished a classic 50s california house, her ingenious renovation featured prominently in the era-defining style book mid-century modern, and a full-time design practice was launched.

Erenberg’s burgeon practice soon turned into a successful and sought-after design studio with scores of diverse projects completed to date and has appeared in a multitude of books and publications including: Casa Vogue, Metropolitan Home, Elle Décor (UK), Harpers Bazar, Small Space Makeovers, Kitchen and Bath, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Erenberg applies her discerning eye and theatrical flair to create rich and highly livable spaces from luxurious homes and invitingly chic restaurants to remarkably harmonious offices and schools. She’s fine-tuned the domestic hearts of contemporary homes, cool modernist pavilions, and voluptuous spanish revival mansions. In her designs there is always delight in imaginative juxtapositions, well-considered comforts, and the appreciation for the livable art of a life well designed.
Wescover creator since 2018

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