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Loren Yagoda

Phoenix, AZ

"T E X T U R A L E X I S T E N C E"
"At some points in our lives we are bonded by love, friendship and common interests, while at other times we stand alone in our chosen stillness. My forms represent the essence of these human relationships."

Ceramic artist & painter Loren Yagoda focuses on form rather than function. Interested in cylindrical structures and the relationships presented in combinations, Yagoda creates pieces symbolic of the human figure and spirit.

Using paper-clay that is embellished with various clay bodies, the artist hand-rolls slabs and forms these into cylinders, focusing on form and combinations. She uses additional pieces of clay for dimension and intrigue, incorporating her attraction to the horizontal stripe. Featuring natural earth tones in her palette, Yagoda feels that color is a distraction
from form.

Yagoda earned a BFA from the Memphis College of Art.
Wescover creator since 2019

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