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Lookout and Wonderland

Los Angeles, CA

The Lookout & Wonderland fiber art project is a resist technique and indigo dye research project with a concentrated focus on the exploration of the sociological aspects of color, alchemy and surface design. The original mission of this project was to apply these methods to create a range of multi-use textiles that allowed the viewer to become an active participant in the form and function of the artwork and to record and assess its place in a modern culture.
In 2005, Niki Livingston opened Lookout & Wonderland Workshop as an inspiration center providing a nesting place for artistic collaboration, brand development, creative direction and the making of hand crafted goods. Lookout & Wonderland Workshop is deeply informed by the essence of the Vienna Secession, Wiener Werkstätte and Gesamtkunstwerk, with their ultimate goal being to create a lifetime that is the ideal work of art.
Wescover creator since 2018

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What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

"My fine art practice is based on the nature of personal reality and the idea that we experience shared moments through our particular frame of reference. As such, I'm more intrigued by a viewers reaction rather than having them react to any overt intention. Contrarily, the design work is all embedded with the overt intention of creating color that brings peace and clarity."
Lookout and WonderlandLookout and Wonderland

What’s unique about your work?

"I work strictly within the parameters of natural dyes and fibers, locally sourced whenever possible. Much of my practice is also based in the concept of medicinal dyeing and creating works that have subtle healing properties."
Lookout and WonderlandLookout and Wonderland

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