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LITOOC - Furniture and Tables
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Hong Kong

LITOOC is a Hong Kong-based design studio, founded in 2014. We focus on contemporary design with simple aesthetics and subtle beauty. We don’t want our work to be overly precious. We want the designs to be pieces that people can truly live with. Pieces that people will love for years. Our furniture pieces are designed to age gracefully, to wear in, not out.

With the belief of zero compromises to quality and sustainability, we place a strong emphasis on design quality as well as materials and production ethics. We don’t want our work to deplete resources. Our products are non-toxic, made of sustainably harvested solid hardwood with an intention to last a lifetime. Each piece is created with care, handcrafted by traditional furniture makers.

We believe in the user’s’ power in prolonging a piece, that we constantly creates different learning materials to inspire and inform our customers to keep their piece at its top condition.