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Lisa Fleming Ceramics

Lisa Fleming Ceramics

San Francisco, CA

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"The fact that they’re not utilitarian does not mean that they aren’t useful, to the eye or to the heart."
Form, line, silhouette, surface.... I get lost in the surface! I love my glazes, all of which I make myself, in my studio in SF, and I cannot stop experimenting. The clay forms I make are simple yet sophisticated, elegant, spare, almost austere, but also incorporate organic elements as all hand-made work does. I throw my porcelain forms on the wheel and do every part of the process myself. My background is in fine art and graphic design and includes several years as a chef and caterer. Returning to art in 2010 and completing a degree in ceramics helped me pinpoint a true passion. I am inspired by mid-century Scandinavian ceramists. Their forms and luscious glazes captivate my imagination.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"Within my process I have only so much control over how the piece finally looks. The glazes I make can react a little differently from batch to batch and from firing to firing. They all have a lot of individual character; from crystals and drips in some areas, to flashes of color on white glazed vessels. This comes from nearby pieces with other, intensely colored minerals in their glaze. There can be areas of satin surface in a mostly matte glaze, bubbles, froth and speckles as minerals fire out and melt in a glaze. And occasional warping of a thin walled piece. The alchemy in the clay, glaze and heat interaction is part of the process and I released that control long ago. I accept the nature of this creative process and love the surprise."
Lisa Fleming CeramicsLisa Fleming Ceramics

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