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Lisa Batson Goldberg (LBG Interiors) - Interior Design and Chairs
Lisa Batson Goldberg (LBG Interiors)
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Lisa Batson Goldberg (LBG Interiors)

Toronto, Canada

My journey into the world of design started in an instant several years ago and thousands of miles away, in India. Having just led a mindfulness and yoga retreat for a group of women in Goa, I was visiting a friend in Chennai, and woke up groggy one morning to a 30-foot wall covered in breathtaking floral wallpaper. From this moment of inspiration and joy, something in me shifted, and I knew my life would never be same.

I became obsessed and endlessly inspired by beautiful wallpaper and textiles, with interior design, and with the possibilities for design to impact our lives for the better.

In the years that followed, I have worked as an interior designer and immersed myself in the world of textile design, which has been the most meaningful and magical journey of my life. It has opened me to the infinite possibilities within myself, within all of us, and in the world.