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Lisa Ashinoff - Paintings and Murals
Lisa Ashinoff
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Lisa Ashinoff

Virginia Beach, VA

"I am drawn to the science as well as the romance of color and love seeing how each piece evolves over time."
Lisa Ashinoff is a Virginia Beach based artist, showing her iconic paintings both nationally and internationally for the past ten years. Inspired by both the family home, built during her childhood, as well as her frequent trips to New York, from which her family originates, Lisa found the minimalistic aesthetic of mid-century modern design and city landscapes most appealing. Couple that with inspiration from a house on the side of the road, music, architecture, nature, travel and, most importantly, modern art and you have a recipe for innovation. She enjoys exploring the relationships between shape, form, color, line and perspective in her ‘Architectural Interpretations.’ The vibration of color and cadence of line are an integral part of her work and her use of white lines in her art is her way of echoing the need for natural light.