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Lipdau Ceramics

Vilnius, Lithuania

"Every ceramic item is a source of inspiration in Lipdau Ceramics studio. A revival of nature's symbols. What's made by hands in the studio - becomes a modern longevity. Which gives new colors for your daily life in the kitchen."
Hello, I'm Auguste Maziukaite. Ceramicist and founder of Lipdau. My frienship with clay started already in childhood. Step by step hobby of ceramics began to turn into permanent work and passion for life. Apparently, the importance of the Lithuanian nature was conveyed by all the science of ceramics and the basics of learning here, in the native Country of mine – Lithuania. Also, learning in privat ceramic studio, in the so-called pottery capital - Denmark, developed the pastel colors and light forms skills for me.
Im seeking not only to cheer people with my works, but also to stimulate their creativity, to show that ceramics can be modern, light and bright. Frequently traveling around exhibitions abroad, meeting with creators from all over the world is an integral part of my work. It‘s a miracle that a piece of clay in the hands of a human being, can turn into a beautiful piece of art. That generates good emotions, encourages communication and connectivity to one „Makers Movement“ family.
Wescover creator since 2020

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