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Cambridge, MA

Lios is the art and design studio of Daniel Lizardo and Michael Stern. Beyond making objects, we cultivate a design ecosystem made of machines, computational tools, and material understanding that grow interdependently. We ask questions of technological possibility and material truth. There is no distance between the acts of designing, creating, building, and innovating.

Combining traditional glassblowing skills with the flexibility and scale of precision machines we conceive radically new ways to create spaces, experiences, and sculptures. Building on our collaborative work while at MIT's engineering and architecture schools, our practice realizes projects in 3D printed glass that challenge the divides between art, technology, and design. Each piece of glass is both an object and a lens and the works celebrate the role of glass as a mediator of light to create product design, sculpture, and architectural intervention, generated by and drawing from digital glass making. Lios contributes to vitreous culture by creating a design space driven by the future of technology born from a rich material history.
Wescover creator since 2020

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