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Lion Fleischmann - Street Murals and Murals
Lion Fleischmann
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Lion Fleischmann

Munich, Germany

Lion Fleischmann (born 1987) lives and works as an illustrator and freelance artist in Munich.

His expressive cartoon characters show imaginative people, animals and mythical creatures. They express kindness, childlike joy and satisfaction and reflect a positive attitude towards life.
Inspired by the Franco-Belgian comic classics in early days and later on of the street art scene in general, Lion´s figures found their way from the paper through canvas up to walls and facades. The special attraction of street art lies in the texture of the walls and the environment in which the pictures can exert their own effects. He harbors a particular fondness for old, dilapidated walls and surfaces in particular landscapes or places.

- 2008: education at the “Freie Kunstwerkstatt Munich” in the most diverse painting and drawing techniques
- 2012: graduated with top marks as an illustrator, cartoonist and caricaturist
- from 2012: co-founder of the artist collective HAUS75, including many exhibitions, live paintings and workshops in and around Germany

Since 2015 Lion is working solo again. His last major project was "Travel and Paint India", a 4-month journey across the Indian continent. With brush and paint he createted murals in the Himalayas, the Thar Desert, the weathered streets of Indian cities and on the beaches in Goa.

Currently the artist is still in Munich and is making plans to emigrate in the near future.