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Lindsey Kearns - Wall Hangings and Art
Lindsey Kearns
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Lindsey Kearns

Los Angeles, CA

Producing heirloom quality, handcrafted glass objects that combine the classic lines of Art Deco design and the beauty of geometry, I aim to bring an old craft into today's homes. My designs evoke the past while keeping a firm footing in the present with their modern color schemes and geometric details.

Stained glass came as an epiphany to me. I grew up with a deep appreciation for design but never had a creative outlet of my own. This changed one winter afternoon in the basement of an estate sale. Walking into that homeowner's basement workshop opened my eyes to an art that resonated with me immediately. I fell in love, bought it all, and never looked back. I've been designing and building in stained glass since that moment.