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Lindsay Clarke, Senior Interior Designer at Level 3 Design Group

Los Angeles, CA

"Hospitality Designer and Lover of Hotels"
Initially from the U.K., Lindsay has s lived in Los Angeles for over 10 years. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Orange County, Lindsay specializes in high end hospitality, including large-scale developments and sophisticated spaces. Her love of hotels extends beyond design; before her design career, Lindsay worked in the hotel industry and uses this experience to support her exceptional designs.

Fun Facts:
When not spinning fire hoops or roller skating in cheetah print skates, this hula hoop aficionado can be found teaching or showing her hula skills at corporate events, parties and festivals. One of her coolest hula hoop gigs: The Christmas window display reveal at Bloomingdale’s New York. Lindsay is also a fearless expeditionist who once travelled to Iceland alone to hike and see the wilderness. She’s also been to Amsterdam, Malaysia, Bali, Indonesia and Hong Kong. She practices yoga, to maintain balance.
Wescover creator since 2020

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