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Lightly Pty Ltd

Collingwood, Australia

Lightly’s vision is to lead by example in the global design market by enriching the lives of our customers through utilitarian design and considered artisanal production. By growing our relationships and community, we make Australian design accessible and build a family of like-minded souls.

Enduring design, functionality and a sense of resourcefulness have always been a part of our design approach. Woven seamlessly together with intelligent use of colour and form, Lightly’s design etiquette is grounded in classic design.

Kinship has been at the heart of Lightly creations since 2005. Lightly was born out of Cindy-Lee’s relationship with her grandmother Rosemary Lightly and continues to be shaped by the community of like-minded customers, community and artisanal makers who ensure quality and ethical production.

Over the years Lightly has built international relationships in the architecture, hospitality and design community through shared values of considered living, innovation and timeless design.
Welcome to our journey!

Lightly’s products are sold to design stores globally, online and instore No.3 Glasshouse Rd, Collingwood Melbourne.
Wescover creator since 2020

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