Montreal, Canada

"We design with our hearts not our ego"
Design is everything. Good lighting enhances the human experience. It speaks to the senses and envelops the body in emotion. It amplifies the beauty of your architecture and interior design and creates indelible impressions.

At Lightemotion, we believe in a "design first" process. We are rigorous and pioneering. But most of all, we find inventive ways to create emotion.

Our founder and creative director, François Roupinian, IALD, has directed an impressive roster of over 200 projects on five continents. We collaborate with award-winning firms in architecture, interior design and exhibit design for clients in the cultural, retail, institutional, commercial and hospitality fields.

At our core are lighting and theatre designers and interior architects. Our collective expertise allows us to assess all angles: aesthetics, function, flexibility, maintenance and cost.

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