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Vienna, Austria

"Designers working with light"
Light & Beyond is an International Award Winning exclusive lighting design studio created to serve the needs of the Architects and Interior Designers. Our work covers a myriad of projects in India, U.A.E, Austria, and The US. We've deployed unique lighting and sound experiences at various museums, show apartments , amusement parks, restaurants , boutique hotels, branded retail stores and ultra lounges.
Additionally , we've curated an exciting atmosphere at super high-end residences for an enviable clientele that includes The Mittals, Bangurs, Agarwals, and The Mallyas, to name a few. We crossed a milestone by adding light to the business of NCB Jewellers , Selvel House, Cinnamon Restaurant, and to the projects of Phoenix Mills ( Palladium Constructions ) Kessaku , MGM Group, Primarc Group's Astitva , Fort Group, Surana Group, Elite Group of Hotels , Victoria Memorial happens to be amongst the very first of our clients, and we are very to showcase our lighting design work there.
The principal belief at Light & Beyond is that a good lighting design should illuminate a space simply by enhancing it, and not by dominating the architecture. Our team works with the Architects & Interior Design team , right from the scratch including the designing and execution, ensuring that lighting and sound compliment the spaces.
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