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Liberty Avenue Musicians Downtown Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

"Simons large-scale sculptures turn ordinary spaces into magical environments"
What grounds my work is the belief that art is a celebratory experience that creates an imaginative and insightful enviorment. I came from a family that pulsed with music and dance. I have traveled the world, spending many years living in Brazil, Mexico, Australia and England. What each of these cultures shared, and what is reflected in my work, is the primal impulse towards creative expression situated in daily life that uplifts the human spirit. I trained as a violinmaker, a renaissance art that demands precision and discipline. My work utilizes the discipline of this classical training while incorporating a “street freedom” that depicts history and contemporary life in a poetic, transcendental style. The heart of my work is to give. To give to a community, to pay homage to its history, while representing its contemporary life, to create a magical environment.
Wescover creator since 2018

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