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Lia Coleman

Seattle, WA

I am an artist, computer scientist, and teacher based in Seattle.

I began as a 2D artist, using pencil, ink, collage, and digital manipulation. Now I am working on large fabricated play structures, murals, and new media installations.

My artistic aesthetic has always been influenced by my technical side. Alongside making art, I studied computer science, and am researching novel art generation using GANs.

I think a lot about what happens when two things meet. “With whom is my art cohabitating?” I ask, whether I am working on a mural for a living space, or conceiving a tattoo that will sit on a friend’s shoulder. Often I give away my art.

I consider art as a conversation with the space in which it lives— its home—, and the people with whom it lives— its friends and family. I aim to give my work an unmistakable backbone and a gentle hand. My work is characterized by clear-cut solid lines, but also pirouettes, and colors that tickle. It reaches out and invites you to play, tap, handle, press and unfold.

Teaching is part of my practice. I believe in increased access, community ownership, and public art. Educators, community leaders, and parents are my role models.
Wescover creator since 2019

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