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Leslie Ebert lens based art

Portland, OR

"Abstract macro photography"
In 2005 my art wholly transformed when a rectangle of orange light cut into four quadrants by the shadow of a cross appeared in my living room every day for weeks. With no origin found, I documented this anomaly with my camera. In my acknowledgment, the light took me around the room, coaxing me to look closer. Turning on the macro on my point and shoot camera, I came across a depth of beauty that moved my soul. Since that day, I have been chasing after rays of light with a camera in search of meaning and metaphor. By breaking the rules of photography, turning the lens intentionally towards the light shining around me, I capture the physical properties of light radiating in the micro-scale. Turning photographs of lens refraction and optical anomalies into an art form.
Wescover creator since 2020

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