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Leslie Birleson - Sculptures and Art
Leslie Birleson
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Leslie Birleson


“Leslie Birleson has worked as a professional artist for the last thirty years in California, Europe and Hawaii. An unique aspect of Birleson’s artistic development has been his involvement and work on art projects abroad including Germany, Greece, Austria, Italy and Switzerland for ten years.

In Germany, Birleson worked to set up a handmade paper mill near Frankfurt, that was designed to make paper fiber art. In Greece, where he purchased a studio and settled on the North Aegean island of Lesvos, he worked primarily as a painter.

Birleson spent two years in Vienna, painting in a turn of the century atelier, where he developed his abstract painting further.He also spent a year in Zurich, Switzerland, where he was able to pursue his study of Jungian thought, and its relationship to his art.

Birleson moved to Berlin, Germany, where he lived in the Turkish quarter, Kreuzberg, and maintained a studio there for two years. During this time, he explored the newly opened eastern section of Berlin, which was bustling with new artistic energy. This was a very exciting time, when artists in the east had occupied city buildings, and were developing a whole new artistic identity for the city of Berlin. In the Berlin studio, Birleson developed his internally lighted sculptures.
Currently, Birleson resides and works at his home and studio on Kauai.”