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Lesley Boost

Moraira, Spain

"Abstract meadows of my mind. Reality encapsulated in an imaginary glimpse."
I dream in colour and in my waking moments I attempt to reproduce those dreams. My work has involved a great deal of experimentation with textures and mediums from which my own style has evolved.
Abstract meadows of my mind form the main body of my work. Reality encapsulated in an imaginary glimpse. What the eye might see if the brain did not know.
My paintings are textured layers of mark making, collage, pencils, inks, distressing and acrylic paint that are non specific until a meadow of flowers begins to emerge. I work into these initial colours and marks focussing on the negative space. My imagination has me strolling through and enjoying my mythical meadow in the process which guides my paintbrush and decisions as I work. My final painting will offer a suggestion of a colourful meadow of wildflowers for the viewer to interpret and stroll through at their leisure.
Wescover creator since 2020

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