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Leora Lutz

Oakland, CA

"Complex & emotive ideas; beautiful, tactile objects."
Since 1992, Leora Lutz has been making conceptual art objects and installations, as well as useful things. She is deeply invested in the ways people understand and relate to each other, and to the objects around them.

Leora has recently been making eco-mindful notebooks and collage under the brand Glossary Syndicate. She hopes people will write more with their hands . . . or at least scribble.

Since 2011 she has been working with a color-code language called Chromatext; each color signifies a letter of the English alphabet. She continues to investigate how spoken words can be objects, and written words can make us feel so much.

Her work has been shown at Angel Island, The Palm Springs Art Museum, Riverside Art Museum, LAMoCA, and the US Embassy in Belgrade to name a few. ​
Wescover creator since 2019

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